Wire Harness & Cable Assembly

Wiring Harness & Cable Assembly / CHARNG MIN has more than thirty years experience in wiring Harness connector sector. CHARNG MIN is the only one who has the worldwide AC/DC certificate manufacturer, we create thousands of products every year, all of the products are applied on connectors and protection which involves the power and data of the products in all aspects of our life.

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Wire Harness & Cable Assembly | Wire Harness Manufacturer - Charng Min

Charng Min Electronic Co., Ltd. is one of the leading wire harness manufacturers from Taiwan, China, since 1981.

Charng Min offers broad range of wire harness connectors, waterproof wire harnesses, modular plugs, flat cables and power cords with foot switches, which are certified and meeting international standards such as CE, UL, GOST, ASTA, SEV and more.

Charng Min has been offering customers high quality and cost effective Power Cord, Foot Switch, Extension Cord, Simple Wire Harness, Industrial Connector, Waterproof Series, Modular Plug, D-SUB, IDC / Flat Cable, SCSI, SATA, DC, USB, DIN, Audio / Video Series, Antenna, Car Connectors, Reed Sensor. With both advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Charng Min makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Wire Harness & Cable Assembly

Wiring Harness & Cable Assembly

In order to meet the customer’s demands, Charng Min provide a wide range of custom-molded Design and Production including wire harness and cable assemblies for various Industrial equipment, Household appliances, Automotive and Motorcycle cable assemblies, Consumer Electronics cable assemblies, Fitness and Healthcare Facilities cable assemblies, Medical equipment cable assemblies and Aerospace cable assemblies.

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